Candid Photography – Photos shot through the candid approach are probably most realistic form of photography/videography, when the people being shot are at their natural best – irrespective of their emotional state.

Add a hint of lighting without making the subjects aware, and you’ll have photographs/videos that tell more than thousand words in honest details. This style mirrors real emotions, and with a touch of artistic improvisation, we can make it a memorabilia to be cherished for a lifetime of joy.

Wedding Photography – It’s the biggest day of your life, It’s an event when a million things of fun and joy, happening altogether within a span of a few hours and we make it spectacularly remarkable!

Capturing the Indian brides in all her eminent beauty, irrespective of the religion, caste etc. and their customs, capturing the fun, the love, the blessings and the happy faces around makes it special.

Pre wedding photography and post wedding photography can be simply defined by: “Capturing the first days of being together, in all its glory”. It depicts the love, bond and emotions between the couples.

And remains as a mark of your life-long voyage, throughout your life. Shot at scenic locations, since we are having much time to plan the shoot and location, Pre&post wedding photography becomes creative and eye catching part in every wedding.